What are the own advantages of stone plastic wall panel production equipment?

July 8, 2023
Latest company news about What are the own advantages of stone plastic wall panel production equipment?

The stone plastic wall panel production equipment adopts intelligent control, high degree of automation, stable operation, simple operation and high production efficiency.


The advantages of products produced by stone plastic wall panel production equipment:


1.Low-carbon environmental protection surface for processing enterprises can all use green building materials, no paint components, decorated rooms without odor, without any ingredients harmful to human health, say goodbye to formaldehyde, the real need to do zero carbon.


2.Thermal insulation by the State Department test, with our products and ordinary decoration room materials compared to the temperature difference of 7 degrees, compared with paint temperature difference of 10 degrees. We are the south of the south hot summer and cold winter wall decorative materials the most. This product has heat preservation performance, can solve the problem of direct sunlight intensity at the top of the balcony, sunroom, villa, etc. If the inverter air conditioner is used, it can achieve obvious energy-saving effect. It is an environmentally friendly material highly recommended by the state.


3.Durable anti-corrosion material High strength, good toughness, light weight and shock resistance, no deformation, not easy to aging, creep prevention, not easy to carry out corrosion, use has a long life, a design decoration, lifelong development benefit.


4.Moisture and damp-proof performance is good, more suitable for wet areas. Water vapor and moisture is difficult to enter, indoor dry and comfortable, no water seepage and no leakage, so that you * get rid of the troubles caused by moldy walls.


5.Easy to clean The surface can be treated with science and technology, not only with fashionable and beautiful, easier to achieve clean environmental health, can be scrubbed directly with water, no blistering, no deformation, so that your life is easier.


6.Fashionable and elegant variety, colorful, can be designed freely according to personal preferences, free to match. Western European style, Athenian charm, Chinese tradition, etc., the style is elegant and chic. Showing free personality and highlighting charm.


7.Save time and effort, in the design of the use of traditional buckle installation, can be directly bent, assembled, folded, blank wall installation, one-step, installation is no longer cumbersome, ordinary carpenter can, so you no longer for the decoration cycle is too long and worry.


8.Sound insulation effect up to 29 decibels, indoor quiet and comfortable, noise no longer bother your life.