SPC flooring equipment debugging

September 6, 2023
Latest company case about SPC flooring equipment debugging

  Qingdao Kechengda Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. conducted relevant tests on the SPC outdoor flooring equipment ordered by the customer. The equipment was successfully debugged and all aspects of the product met the customer's requirements, reflecting the company's business philosophy of focusing on product quality and taking efficient service as its responsibility.

  The SPC floor is made of a substrate layer, PVC decorative layer, and wear-resistant layer that are pressed and pressed together at high temperature, and the surface is treated with embossing and UV technology.
  SPC flooring has six major advantages: rich and diverse colors, colorful and realistic; Green, environmentally friendly, zero false aldehydes, pollution-free; Fire retardant, waterproof and moisture-proof, antibacterial and mold resistant; Anti slip and wear-resistant, durable and durable; Sound absorption and noise reduction; Lock buckle installation, convenient processing, and simple installation.